•   over 7 years ago

Does a Data Browser exist?

Has anyone from Kii or anyone else written a Data Browser for the Kii platform? This would allow us to view and interact with the data in a web browser outside of our app. It would also allow me to import existing json data.


  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hi. We'll have a data browser but that's not ready yet, sorry. In the meantime you might want to take a look at how to migrate data to Kii Cloud by taking a look at this Parse migration source code: https://github.com/KiiPlatform/kii-parse-migrator
    Happy coding! :)

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Wow! Dude! I wish I knew this existed. I just spent a day exporting data from Parse and importing it into Kii. I didn't finish though so I'll use the parse-migrator to finish the job.


  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Oops! You can also take a look at the migration guide to have an overall idea with code snippets:
    iOS: http://documentation.kii.com/en/guides/ios/migration-guide/
    Android: http://documentation.kii.com/en/guides/android/migration-guide/
    Good luck!

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Thank you but I am not a native iOS or Android developer. I user HTML5, Javascript, and the Corona SDK (Lua) to create hybrid and mobile apps. There is no Javascript or REST Migration Guide. There are no Javascript or REST Sample Apps and Tutorials.

    I guess it's about time for someone (like me) to write one (or two) once I get a deeper understanding on how it all works :)


  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    If you do that we can use your contribution for sure. Thanks a lot!

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    I also ran into this issue, so I created a simple data browser. This data browser runs in the web browser, so anyone can use it. Enter your bucket name and credentials into the form, and the program will display the values of all the objects in your bucket. Try it out: www.jonathankoomjian.com/projects/kiibrowser/ The source is at github.com/jkoomjian/Kii. Once Kii releases the official data browser, mine will no longer be necessary, but until then I have found it helpful.

  • Manager   •   about 7 years ago

    Jonathan, you rock!!! Would you mind if we announce this contribution so other users can check it out? I would love to see a mobile app doing this. It's a great example on how to leverage our API to do more things.
    We really appreciate you letting us know about this pet project :)

  •   •   about 7 years ago

    Thanks German!! Of course you can announce the project - feel free to use the project however you want. If my small project can help others, then I will have a big smile on my face :) And thanks for the excellent guides. Basically this project is just a slight reworking of your code in the javascript guide.

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